#EuforSnus invited to Global Nicotine Forum (#GFN18) in Warsaw.

#EUforsnus adm. Bengt Wiberg (Sweden) and Uwe Hille (Germany) were invited to Global Nicotine Forum (#GFN18) in Warsaw, Poland, by the organizers.

Day 1.

Crowd movement #EUforsnus was selected member of the International organization International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organizations (#INNCO) and participated in their annual meeting together with friends of harm reduction from 19 other countries where all continents were represented. All agreed that friends of snus, vaping etc. should promote each other.

The Michael Russel International Award

Dr Lars Ramström (Sweden) wins the Michael Russel Award for best science of how a harm reduction product can make a whole country almost smoke-free and with the lowest rate of tobacco mortality in all #EU. Dr Ramström has proven, during 60 years of science research, without any doubt that Swedish #snus is the major cause of “The Swedish Experience” that has made Swedish males almost smoke free (only 5% daily smokers). He also proved that 86-87% of all male and female snus users are former smokers who have quit cigarettes for good. The study is based on national Swedish data covering about 25 years and about 20 000 participants each year. He also concludes that Swedish snus is the most successful means for people to help quit smoking.

Day 2.

Every speakers and scientist mention #snus as the most proven product of tobacco harm reduction in the world! The theme of the conference was “rethinking nicotine”. 100% of the scientists also mentioned that nicotine is not what cause sickness’s and/or premature deaths. Smoking gases from inhaling combustible traditional cigarettes do! Snus and #Ecigs do not! Also tobacco in itself is not harmful, if not put on fire and inhaled.

One scientist mentions that only 10% of the US population believes that smokeless tobacco such as snus could be less harmful than smoking. The correct answer is 100%! Another speaker mentions that only 10% of the population thinks that nicotine is not what causes sicknesses and death.

The Global Forum on Nicotine Film Festival

The #GFN film festival is showed, presented by the film director of the internationally awarded movie “A Billion Lives” Mr. Aaron Biebert of USA. The last video showed to the great audience was #EUforsnus video “Snus Revolution (Snus Blues Boogie) performed by #EUforsnus German rock musician Jimmy D. with lyrics and video art by Bengt Wiberg. The videos from the International film festival, including #EUforsnus contribution, will be showed on www.gfn.org within a few days. There were many films submitted. One animated film had been created by the cartoonist who is responsible for the next Walt Disney film so EUforsnus was in noble company.

Day 3.

Bengt Wiberg and Uwe Hille, representing #EUforsnus continued meeting with most of the foremost scientists on tobacco harm reduction in the world such as Dr Karl Lund (Norway), Professor Attila Danko (Australia), Professor Gerry Stimson (UK), Dr Karl Snaebjornsson (Iceland), Professor Konstantinos Farsalinos (Greece), Dr Robert Sussman (Mexico), Professor Martin Jarvis (UK) and many other famous people like Derek Yach (CEO of the Foundation for a Smoke Free World), Clive Bates (UK) and many others. They all support #snus and #EUforsnus!

Professor Attila Danko and Bengt Wiberg Bengt Wiberg, Professor Gerry Stimmson, Uwe Hille

 Professor Konstantinos Farsalinos and Bengt Wiberg

Bengt Wiberg, Dr. Riccardo Polosa

Bengt Wiberg, Clive Bates, Uwe Hille

Bengt Wiberg, Harry Shapiro, Paddy Costall

Uwe Hille, Harry Shapiro, Paddy Costall

Dr. Robert Sussman, Bengt Wiberg

Finally we met two gentlemen, reporters and TV-hosts from Egypt. A country with 50 million smokers out of a population of 110 million people. They were writing a big article on #snus for their Arabic readers. They had never tried snus and were smokers of cigarettes but told us their forefathers had used smokeless tobacco a generation back. Uwe brought them some snus and they tried it and loved it, although they complained a bit about the stinging sensation. When we told them that this problem is solved with a patented solution called #StingFreeSnus and that snus was available in very many flavors and sizes they said they were convinced and wanted to introduce snus to Egypt and saw an enormous potential to make Egyptians quit smoking by help of snus. After a couple of hours we met one of them again and he said “this is fantastic, I haven’t smoked for two hours and I love it!”

Probably we have saved one human life from dying prematurely due to smoking but most important is the fight to allow snus in #EU and not accept that politics can decide that there is only a “Quit (smoking) or die” solution to quit smoking. There is #snus, #ecigs, #HnB and other products that can help you quit smoking and be a normal #nicotine enjoying man or woman who just like to have choices!

All in all it was a victory for #snus and also #EUforsnus where the world scientific community acknowledged that snus is the best proven product of tobacco harm reduction in the world. Me and Uwe are very happy to have been able to contribute to this. Videos with public comments and questions to the scientific crown of some 350 scientists are coming up during the coming week.

/Bengt Wiberg

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