Three advocates of tobacco harm reduction on the way to the European court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxemburg 25 January 2018


Interview with Professor Gerry Stimson (Chairman of New Nicotine Alliance) directly after the trial hearing at the ECJ in Luxemburg.


According to EU its Swedish men’s parental leave that is the reason for their record low smoking rate (5 %) and not snus use! Professor Gerry Stimson of the New Nicotine Alliance explains humorously this nonfactual EU argument in court.


After trial hearing interview with Uwe Hille (Snusfreak) and Bengt Wiberg (Sting Free Snus) by Atakan Befrits (NNA Sweden).


Some #EUforsnus thoughts the day after the trial hearing at ECJ in Luxembourg. There is optimism for snus in EU!


Chad Jones of interviews Bengt Wiberg on snus in EU prior to the trial hearing.


GERMAN (Deutsch) spoken videos on #EUforsnus

Snus TV : #EuforSnus Einschätzung nach der Anhörung mit Atakan Befrits, Uwe Hille und Bengt Wiberg


Snus TV: #EuforSnus – Snus Revolution & Zusammenfassung der Anhörung vor dem EuGh I 


Fight or lose, the greatest rock and snus Video.