European Court of Justice says NO to snus alternatives for smokers!

European Court of Justice says NO to snus alternatives for smokers

After 1,5 year of processing thousands of pages of scientific evidence, proving that Swedish snus is considerably much less harmful than smoking as well as the reason for the international expression “The Swedish Experience”, the ECJ have now delivered their verdict saying the snus ban in EU will not be lifted although snus save lives.

This in spite of Swedish men 2017 (EU:Eurobarometer, May 2017) reached a European record low of only 5 % smokers as well as having the lowest tobacco mortality in EU, largely and probably mostly thanks to snus. In neighboring countries like Norway and Iceland the same experience is clearly seen. Young Norwegian women have past years gone from a smoking rate of 30 % down to 1 % in 2017 (Statistisk Sentralbyrå, Norway), while snus use for the same group is now at 14 %.

In 2017, the international medical journal The Lancet published the results of the largest epidemiological meta-data study in the world, the Global Burden of disease Study (GBD), covering 26 years of published scientific studies. It concluded that the relative risk for any health outcome of snus use was the same as people not using tobacco/nicotine at all.

In the snus trial hearing on January 25 at ECJ in Luxembourg, EU lawyers insisted on non-scientific arguments such as that Swedish men’s record low smoking rate had nothing to do with exchanging cigarettes for snus. Instead EU argued that the smoking cessation was due to Swedish men’s “paternity leave” and their “healthy living style”. The trial hearing was therefore a judicial train-wreck (The principles of “The rule of law” are after all, at least apparently, based on parties telling the truth), it was a mockery of science and showed an utter disrespect for human lives. ECJ judges even asked if the EU “problem” with snus was because of political reasons only. Still ECJ have now ruled to continue the snus ban.

More people die of smoking related diseases each year than the number of casualties of all armed conflicts world-wide during the whole period 1946-2016. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 7 million people die each year from smoking at a cost to the public health of about two trillion US dollars. In the EU there are 100 million smokers, of which about 1 188 000 die each year because of smoking related illnesses according to Swedish calculations. The number fatalities in the EU, due to smoking related sicknesses, is therefore devastating. The ECJ decision is the second ruling over a period of 14 years that continues to deny these smokers a considerably less harmful nicotine product which is snus. Human lives and suffering will therefore continue to be spilled, totally unnecessary and at an extremely high rate.

Snus is a smokeless tobacco that has been used for 200 years and has scientifically been classified as being 95-99 % less harmful than smoking.

Consumer crowd organization #EUforsnus with supporters from over 100 nations believes the negative verdict will mean continuous and unnecessary deaths by smoking, due to lack of a snus alternative for Europeans.

Read the verdict of the European Court of Justice here:;jsessionid=2A1C83343A360F2FB84838F0E797BAD0?text=&docid=207969&pageIndex=0&doclang=en&mode=req&dir=&occ=first&part=1&cid=2420873


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