Snus is from today still illegal in the EU.

Today 12 April 2018, the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg announced his opinion to continue the EU snus ban in Europe in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence proving that snus is most considerably less harmful than smoking. Snus is a safe smokeless tobacco product that contains tobacco and nicotine that is discretely placed under the upper lip and that is considerably less harmful, up to 99 %, than smoking. The final decision on allowing snus or not in the EU will be announced in a few months by the ECJ’s final decision. There is still a chance!!!

Snus has been banned in EU since 1992, except for in Sweden where it has been used for 200 years and has contributed to the fact that Swedish men have the lowest rate of smokers and tobacco mortality in EU. It is therefore a great shame for human rights to health and life by continuing the ban on snus in EU.

Two independent scientific major studies show that if European men adapted the same tobacco consuming habits as Swedish men i.e. using snus more than smoking cigarettes, more than 320 000 lives could be saved each year in the EU. The Advocate General’s decision to keep the ban of snus in EU will be a costly one. 100 million EU smokers of cigarettes are today deprived of a safer alternative to smoking i.e. snus. Thousands now risk an early death due to non-availability to considerably safer products such as snus.

Supporting, thousand fold, crowd of supporters for allowing snus in EU, #EUforsnus with members from every country in Europe and 42 % of the members being female, will not give up the demand for allowing snus in EU. “We’ll be back!!!” 
Read the Advocate General opinion in the case C151/17 here:…/applic…/pdf/2018-04/cp180041en.pdf

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