EU snus and the youth protection

On November 22, we await the verdict of the European Court of Justice on whether snus will continue to be banned or whether it will be legalized.

During the hearing before the European Court of Justice and also in the press, I noticed that there is always talk or talk about protecting the youth.

According to some statements, adolescents are animated to snus, as it is offered in different flavors. The question that arises for me is, what about the nicotine sprays that are available in different flavor variations?

And what’s bad about it, when teenagers switch from smoking to snus?

Let’s be honest, someone who has never taken nicotine should not even start, but if he can choose from many types of nicotine consumption and opt for snus or vaping, then he is safer than with cigarettes.

Maybe the EU should also take care of the topic of “alcohol” with regard to the protection of minors. Is there a warning on alcoholic drinks “Can this drink be addictive and cause social waste”? Or is there a warning on sugary drinks: “This drink can lead to Type 2 diabetes and obesity”?

I could list more points. The fact is that snus is much less harmful than smoking and, in my opinion, even less harmful than sugary drinks.

So EU, if you really care so much about health, at least give smokers the option of alternatives, be it snus or vaping

Uwe Hille

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